Gloria Pylant

Grant Administrator at Turner County Schools:


"When Carol Norris accepts a contract with your organization, she becomes an active member of your group. Her advice and her participation in our brainstorming sessions for our grant efforts has always been invaluable. Her professionalism is of the highest quality. She is ethical, determined to meet expectations and deliver the best product possible in the circumstances. Her work with our collaborative has made possible the $15 million the collaborative has secured in grant funds over the last 15 years. In the process, our staff has learned the value of quality evaluation. If it is not documented, it was not done. We are able to base decisions about our services to our clients on the evaluation results she delivers from the analysis of our work. Often a group that seeks to develop resources and support for at risk families make decisions based on what they feel is right for the populations after consulting research and the work of others in the field. With Carol on board as your evaluator, you add to this decision making process, what works with your population. This information is gained from process evaluation, focus groups and participant surveys. Carol has been invaluable to our organization." - June 25, 2014

Barbara Poplin

Retired Project Director and Former Executive Director of Tattnall County Family Connection:


"Carol Norris was an invaluable and integral part of our community collaborative. Serving as grant writer and evaluator, she was always available to answer questions, meet with us, and offer expert guidance at each step of whatever activity we were implementing. Ms.Norris was personable, reliable, dependable with amazing knowledge and an uncanny ability to help all involved see the big picture." - May 9, 2014


Kristie Brantley

Executive Director at Johnson County Family Connection Collaborative:
"I have known Carol for 14 years and she has worked with our organization for the past 12 years in the areas of community assessment, strategic planning, resource development, and youth development. Carol is well known and respected throughout Georgia for her strong work ethic and superior skills in grant writing. She has been a true asset to our community collaborative." - May 2, 2014


Sherrie Williams

Director of State Telehealth Programs; School-Based Telehealth Liaison at Georgia Partnership For Telemedicine:


"I have worked with Carol for many years. My first experience with Carol was with the Berrien County Collaborative. She wrote numerous grants for this organization and helped to bring in millions of dollars for this community. In addition to writing grants, we also hired her to evaluate our programs. Her evaluations produced meaningful data that we were able to use to improve services and to secure future funding. I currently work with Carol through other organizations. She is always on time and accurate with her work. The reports she produces are of high quality. She is a team player and makes it her mission to gain an intimate understanding of the organizations she works with." - May 2, 2014


Lisa Kingry

Executive Director of Turner County Connection-CIS of Turner County:


"Carol has worked with our organization for over 20 years. Because of her excellent grant-writing skills and superlative data analysis, we have brought over $15 million in to our resource-challenged community. We could not have achieved our goals of providing services to families without Carol's expertise and dedication to our organization." - April 28, 2014


Carla Jessup

Education Management Professional:


"Carol is an excellent service provider in the area of grant writing and grant sustainability. She has been working with our local Dodge Connection/ Communities in Schools of Dodge County for many years and has been very successful in assisting the collaborative in receiving and sustaining both federal and state grants. Carol is a huge asset to our collaborative and I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing help with grant writing as well as the other great services that she and her staff provide." - April 23, 2014


Harry Stevenson

Southeast Georgia Project Coordinator for The Council on Alcohol and Drugs, Inc., Atlanta, Ga.:


"I have known Carol Norris for close to15 years. I have worked with her for over 10 years in the areas of community needs assessments, strategic planning, resource development and leadership training. She is a highly respected professional, it is a pleasure to work with her and she has consistently met our needs and expectations." - April 22, 2014


Regina Smith

Executive Director at Communities In Schools Cochran & Bleckley County & Family Connection Community Partnership, Inc.:
"Our organization has worked with Carol Norris for over 10 years in the areas of community needs assessments, strategic planning, resource development and leadership training. She is a well respected professional, easy to work with and she consistently meets the needs and expectations of her clients." - April 18, 2014


Debbie Connell

Executive Director at Dodge Connection - Communities In Schools of Dodge County, Inc.


"She has worked with our organization for more than 16 years. Her expertise, especially in the areas of school health/support services, education and youth development, is well-known throughout Georgia. Her grant writing skills have brought in over $10 million in funding for our organization." - April 18, 2014


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